I’ve blogged about Constant Content before as a very good place for skilled writers to earn money. Today, for the 3rd or 4th time in just about a month I received this invitation:

I’m writing from Constant Content because we have a very urgent need for articles on home, auto and life insurance, as well as credit cards. This is for a very large customer who comes in and buys several hundred articles at a time. If you can get some articles in before Monday, there is a very good chance that they will sell early next week.

If you are able to help us out by adding some articles, it would be much appreciated. Please see the … standing requests for more info on what we’re looking for, and please submit all your articles to these requests as well…

They also will be updating the Constant Content forum with the progress.

I’ve blogged about Constant Content a few times before, so I’ll not repeat these posts here. Just take a look at Constant Content as an outlet for your writing if you want to make good money as a freelance writer.

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Extreme couponing is not just about the coupons, it’s about the asking price too.  One of the basic principals of extreme couponing to save money is to look for sales – places you can buy what you need or what at a significant discount, than apply discount coupons to the sale price to reduce your cost even more, or even to zero.

One of the challenges in saving money while shopping is that coupons are mainly available for grocery and personal care items.  There are rarely coupons for bigger ticket items or things found in hardware stores, clothing stores and furniture stores.  There is actually a great little secret technique to cut the cost of buying almost anything – discounted gift cards.

Discounted gift cards come from several sources and through different routes:

Individuals:  Some individuals get gift cards as gifts, win them, or get them for returning something to the store, but find they can’t or don’t want to use the cards.  There are now a variety of websites that facilitate the sale of these gift cards to other people at a discount.  The better sites verify the card balance which gives a high level of comfort to the buyer, while handling the collection of the cash from the buyer which gives assurance of being paid to the seller.

Sometimes discounted cards can be spotted on Craigslist and other free classified sites. If buying direct through Craigslist be safe. Buy local, meat the seller at the store and verify the balance on the gift card before handing over the cash.

Resellers:   Some companies buy gift cards at a large discount in bulk from retailers and then resell them for face value.  For example, several grocery stores I use sell resturant, cell phone, and other gift cards by the tills.  Of more interest are the resellers that share part of the discount with the end buyer (you).  These resellers are generally on line, and include some of the sites that are also brokering cards between individuals.  don’t expect massive discounts, especially on really popular cards anyone can use easily (like Wal-Mart), but a 5% discount at Wal-Mart is better than no discount at all.

Direct from Retailers:  These deals can be harder to track down, but when you find them they can be pretty sweet.  For example, last Christmas Subway was running a deal where they gave you a free sandwich when you bought a Subway gift card.  They marketed it as a bonus for giving a gift to someone else, but you could just buy the cards for yourself to use, and enjoy the free sandwiches.  Then when you use the gift cards later, combine them with coupons.

Retailers know that something in the range of 50% of gift cards never get redeemed as people lose them or forget them. Therefore selling gift cards is like printing money for a retailer at a very low cost. If you can manage to track and redeem your gift cards however, you can really save some serious money using discounted gift cards.

Discount Gift Cards

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Money Management – Another Key to Passive Income

One you have build up some financial investments, you should really look into professional money management.  While it is important that you understand what you are investing in and I prefer to self manage my investments, as a minimum you need a professional to manage your insurance needs and as a backup to your own […]

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Property Management: There’s Been a Flood!

Income producing real estate is one of the best ways to generate passive income. Places to live, work, and shop are all critical to our lives, so in the long run  real estate in a desirable location will always have income potential. Apart from fire, water is the biggest threat to your real estate investment. Obviously […]

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Store Coach: Free Training for Online Retailing

      Recently I found Store Coach, an online store site with extensive free training, and I wanted to share what I found with my readers. This site has lots of bells and whistles for anyone interested in building their own e-commerce site.  Here are some of the tools available: A whole bunch of free […]

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WordPress Training Course

I rarely recommend courses and training products on Innovative Passive Income. Most of the courses and ebooks I’ve looked at are just not worth the money. The information is readily available for free on the net.  However, I’m making an exception today because I found a course that teaches some of the most important skills […]

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Offline Affiliate Marketing

In a similar way to how online affiliate marketing can provide you with residual income, so can a few direct marketing companies.  In this post, we will look at one of the up and comers in the direct marketing/affiliate marketing industry. TriVita was founded in 1999 and is based the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  They have a branch office […]

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Photography: 5 Tips To Make Money during Quiet Periods

This is a guest post by Margaret Every photographer faces nulls in his or her business. Weddings and senior picture seasons may provide regular income for some months but not others. The main thing you can do to make your photography business profitable is to find out ways to to make supplementary income during quiet periods. Photography can […]

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How to Save Money In a Home Office

Working from home comes with many financial advantages including: Save money on meals out – eat at home Save money on coffee out – brew at home Save on gas, car maintenance, parking or transit passes Save on car insurance – check for discounts if you are driving leisure only Tax deductions – check this carefully as […]

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Building a Better Consulting Business

There are some easy ways to build your consulting business that avoid hiring permanent employees and taking on overhead for an office lease.  Run a virtual company using contractors. It’s easy with the internet and can be very profitable if executed correctly.  While each consulting business is different, here are some areas where most consultants can outsource […]

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How to Get Free Products by Blogging

One of the money making opportunities in having an active blog with traffic is the opportunity to get free stuff in exchange for product reviews.  Many companies are looking for social media buzz and links and are willing to compensate bloggers who can provide it. What to Review:  Getting free products for blogging is going […]

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How to Save Money on Groceries: Store Brands

The big 12 food & packaged goods companies spend massive amounts of money to build brand loyalty, but let me let you in on a secret.  Store brand and no name brand is exactly the same product, usually at a good discount off name brand. I’m a food industry insider in some ways, so let […]

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Local Business – An Opportunity

While we often focus on affiliate programs for larger or online businesses, there is a huge opportunity for creating passive income through services to local businesses.  Local business has a tough time reaching new customers in the old ways because the internet has changed everything in the last 5 years. Put yourself in the place […]

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Passive Income on Photographs & Graphic Designs: Giftcards.com

If you enjoy photography and/or design, here is an interesting royalty program that will pay for the use of photographs and graphic designs. The royalty program is offered by Giftcards.com – an industry  leading website that offers gift cards and prepaid reloadable credit cards. On the site people have the option of choosing any photo […]

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Gift Card Exchanges: How to Create Your Own Sale Anytime

Smart shoppers in the know look for ways to save on their purchases.  Watching for sales, and using coupons are well known, but what about looking for discounted gift cards?  If you plan to shop at any chain store that issues gift cards, there is an easy way to get an extra discount on your […]

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Reducing Expenses: Homeowner Insurance

Earning extra money is great, but it is true that a penny saved is a penny earned – in fact an after tax penny saved is better than a pre-tax penny earned. Every year you buy homeowner insurance, or renters insurance (or you sure should be buying insurance as part of your financial plan). When […]

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How Online Marketing Can Be Used Effectively for Your Business

We offer a guest post from a professional online marketing expert, Robert Brown. Online marketing means promoting products or services on the internet. It is also called e-marketing or web marketing. This type of marketing has a wide reach and scope of advertising the products. There are a large number of consumers that the organization […]

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Real Estate Investing For Passive Income: Gulf Coast

One of the most time tested ways to make passive income is through investing in real estate. From the dawn of private property ownership, renting property to others for use as a home, place of business or a farm has been a very good way to generate consistent income that does not involve trading time for dollars. […]

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Insurance Niche Website Analysis

As part of our series on various approaches to niche websites, we will look at an Insurance Niche Website in this post.  The principles can be applied to almost any niche. Website Name – Naming for Search There are a number of different naming strategies for websites that include: Exact Match Keyword:  Pick a long tail keyword […]

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Medical Debt Management

Increasing your income through an online business or freelancing is fantastic, but if your money is being poured into unmanaged debt, it is a losing proposition.  Taking control of your financial future involves controlling your expenses, reducing and eliminating your debt, and increasing your income through multiple streams. According to the U.S. Census Bureau in […]

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