Building a Better Consulting Business

by JadeDragon

There are some easy ways to build your consulting business that avoid hiring permanent employees and taking on overhead for an office lease.  Run a virtual company using contractors. It’s easy with the internet and can be very profitable if executed correctly.  While each consulting business is different, here are some areas where most consultants can outsource work profitably to earn more and enjoy some nights off.

Report Writing & Research

Using a Filipino or Indian to do the research and pull together a report for your clients can save you a lot of time better spent on higher value work.  You can even find engineers, lawyers, medical researchers, and other specialists in lower wage countries that are fluent in English to do the writing for you.  You just review the results, make any required adjustments, and sign off.

Presentation Polishing

Hiring graphic design savvy contractors is easy through sites like oDesk. Rather than struggling to make a power point presentation look fantastic, revamp your website, or assemble an ebook, get a contractor to do the detail work.  You get all the credit and avoid the stress.

Client Acquisition

What if you put a virtual assistant on the tasks of identifying and contacting potential clients?  It is easier for an assistant to get the right names of decision makers from their counterparts in larger companies by playing the “I just need to get this info for my boss” card.  The VA can also schedule appointments with clients and prepare and send proposals on your behalf based on your instructions.

Your business looks bigger and more successful when your virtual assistant is involved dealing with clients. No one needs to know you only have the assistant working a few hours a week.


Many small businesses outsource accounting and bookkeeping already, so this is a natural step, but how about using a web based accounting system and having your virtual assistant enter receipts from scan you send her, prepare invoices and request reimbursements for you?


Think how using inexpensive but highly skilled offshore contractors can help you make your consulting business so much better. There are a number of places to find contractors, but I prefer oDesk because they are one of the largest contractor marketplaces and they have excellent time tracking tools.

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