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4 Hour Work Week

Online Arbitrage

Knowledge is power, and the more you know the easier it is to make money. If you want to create a four hour work week than you need to focus on building knowledge that allows you to organize your business into a profit making machine and not just a job. Here is an example based […]

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Outsourcing SEO to India

Readers of The 4 Hour Work Week will understand the concept of outsourcing to get more done in a day for your business.  This post is a real live example of outsourcing in action. I contracted Shilpy as a virtual assistant working on some SEO tasks for this blog and I also asked her to write […]

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How To Calm Tense Nerves

We need to be taking care of our minds and bodies and not just worrying about our financial situation. A clear mind allows for focus. Focus improves productivity, which leads to making more money. Here are a few better and lesser known ways to improve mind clarity: 1. Get outside. Walk, do yard work, swim, […]

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Profit from Celebrity Endorsements

You see celebrities pitching everything from soup to nuts on TV, radio, and  every magazine but have you ever wondered how to arrange a celebrity to endorse your product or service?  It is actually fairly easy and affordable if you go about a celebrity endorsement marketing project correctly. Savvy marketers often seek out celebrity endorsements […]

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Retire Young: A 12 Month Quest

We all love a good story. Why? It connects us to other people and to shared human experiences. Stories are also great for learning. 2000 years ago Christ used stories called parables to teach the people important lessons. Today, television is popular because from sitcoms to dramas and from “reality” TV to the news it […]

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Make More Off eHow Articles

Re-Purpose and Earn More Passive Income eHower Russ Keith asked in the eHow forums how to earn more from his drawing articles that are not pulling much traffic.   Russ has a nice library of step by step articles on drawing that need a way to reach a good audience. Several things became clear from […]

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