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An Account from a Mom and Online Marketer

In this post we learn from Sarah Lamb, a young mother and online marketer on how she makes a full time living online.  Take it away Sarah: Why I Turned to the Internet for Income  I lost my job as a web designer last year. My whole world tumbled down and I went into depression. […]

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What are Bookmarking Sites and How To Use Bookmarking Sites

Online article writers and new internet marketers are soon exposed to the concept of bookmarking sites and encouraged to use them.  Writer skeffling over in Infobarrel ask what bookmarking sites are all about. “I still don’t get bookmarking sites.  What is the definition and scope of one?  Do FB and  Twitter fall in that definition?   What we […]

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Where Can I Safely Use YouTube Videos?

I received an excellent question from jeni10 about the acceptable use of YouTube videos. “How can you tell which ‘YouTube’ videos you’re allowed to use and which ones you’re not allowed to use?” In a world where stolen content on the internet is rampant, figuring out what resources you can legally use is really important to protecting the […]

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Niche Site Analysis: Mini Korker Hair Bows

Occasionally we do analysis of niche sites on this blog in an attempt to help others understand how to make more money from niche sites.  Today we will look at   This site is run by Valerie who posted in the Infobarrel forum for help: I have a blog that’s about 2 1/2 months old. I’ve posted […]

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Pay Per Click Advertising Services Evaluated

If you need to market your online business, you will likely be interested in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.  PPC is results based because you only pay for the visitors that actually click on your ads and visit your site. In addition to clicks, you will get many no cost impressions on the ad.  These […]

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Marketing Credit Card & Financial Products: The Pros & Cons

Mike, who wrote this guest post, is the creator of A patriarch of a famous political family, Joseph Kennedy once said “If you want to make money, go where the money is.” Well, if you’re a blogger looking to make money I will tell you where it is… in the banking industry!  If you’re […]

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Make Money Online With Flixya & Google AdSense

Innovative Passive Income often reviews websites that offer legitimate opportunities to make money online.  Today we cover popular social networking site, To the untrained eye Flixya may appear like a normal social networking site –  but the secret is that Flixya offers 100% revenue sharing via Google AdSense. This allows users an easy to monetize on […]

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Three Short & Quick Writing Job Sites

I just want to highlight some interesting online writing gigs that can be done as short time fillers. Hopefully you find these writing sites useful. None of them require writing a full article, all grammatically correct and perfect.  While generally no one cares about your opinion, on these sites you can express your opinion to […]

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What Kind of Adsense Ads Should I Allow?

Google Adsense allows publishers (website owners) to control to some extent what kinds of ads are shown on their sites. Infobarrel just gave writers the option to allow and disallow text and image ads through the “My Account” Tab, under advertising profile.  The debate is, which is better – text or image ads – on […]

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Entireweb Speedy Ads Review

This blog regularly reviews various money making programs available online.’s SpeedyAds offers pay per click contextual text ads that compete with Google’s Adsense. The question is if SpeedyAds are a good way to generate advertising revenue from web content. As an experiment, this site posted Speedy Ads from Entireweb in two areas.  We used a […]

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Xomba Changes

Writing site Xomba is in the process of reinventing itself which begs the question “Is Xomba still useful?” What are the Changes at Xomba? They no longer permit bookmarking to your own blog They no longer want the site used to bookmark your content on other writing sites No affiliate links or advertisements – including […]

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Is Infobarrel a Good Site?

After being directed to by Pat Flynn I posted a few articles and than moved on to other projects. Now I’ve gone back and started adding more articles after seeing several other bloggers recommend Infobarrel. My assessment now is that Infobarrel is a great site for these reasons: 1. Very fair revenue share. Sure you can get […]

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How to Find High Value Keywords

Keyword advertising is the high tech way to find targeted customers. Advertisers engage in keyword bidding to get strong adwords keywords. The most valuable adwords keywords, in the opinion of the advertisers, have the highest keyword advertising value. As a web content writer interested in earning money from keyword advertising, you want to do a […]

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Why Can’t I Make Money With Chitika?

Chitika has been a big disappointment for me to date. I wonder if I’ll ever reach the After getting only several small Chitika clicks on revenue sharing site, that site discontinued Chitika due to poor performance. Than I started in earnest at Infobarrel (which extensively uses Chitika and shares revenue at 75% or more) […]

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Bukisa Changes to Adsense API and How to Set Up for Adsense

Bukisa is undergoing a big change for the better by replacing the in house Bukisa Index with direct Adsense earnings. Here is the email announcing the change: Hey JadeDragon, The Bukisa team is working hard to make Bukisa an even better place to be for our valued community members, including you. In 30 days, we […]

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Recently over at Infobarrel and on Chezfat’s blog I learned of another mass collaboration site called  The site allows you to create articles that include do follow backlinks.  Please read this post to understand what backlinks are.  PostUrOwn also allows you to earn Adsense revenue and perhaps Amazon and eBay affiliate income through your articles on the […]

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Google Adsense Filtering Tools

Google Adsense Filtering Tools – General Category Blocking Google’s new Adsense user interface (still in global Beta) contains a new tool that is favorable to Adsense publishers – General Category blocking.  As this post is written the new general category blocking is not accessible to all publishers yet but watch for it in your Adsense account. To implement the […]

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Google Adsense Allowed Sites List

Google Adsense has a feature called the Allowed Sites List or Authorized Sites List that you can use to limit the websites that display your Adsense code. Now you might ask, why would I NOT want my Adsense code displayed? The issue is that Google Adsense codes can be seen in the source code of […]

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Bukisa Review

As regular readers know I like to review various sites that allow writers to submit content and profit financially from it.  The demise of eHow as a self publishing platform has many writers interested in alternatives. I present this Guest Post by IPI reader and online writer Nichelle Kewish.  Nichelle checked out writing site Bukisa […]

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Do you enjoy chasing around Yahoo Answers?  Well WebAnswers has a similar feel but at WebAnswers you can actually get paid for answering people’s questions.  Some questions are simple facts that can be looked up in seconds (makes you wonder why they ask) and others are looking for opinions (I’m full of opinions are you?). […]

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