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Contracting Sites

Building a Better Consulting Business

There are some easy ways to build your consulting business that avoid hiring permanent employees and taking on overhead for an office lease.  Run a virtual company using contractors. It’s easy with the internet and can be very profitable if executed correctly.  While each consulting business is different, here are some areas where most consultants can outsource […]

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Local Business – An Opportunity

While we often focus on affiliate programs for larger or online businesses, there is a huge opportunity for creating passive income through services to local businesses.  Local business has a tough time reaching new customers in the old ways because the internet has changed everything in the last 5 years. Put yourself in the place […]

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Updated E-book Success on Constant Content

I’ve covered freelance writing site Constant Content a number of times because I believe it represents one of the best online marketplaces for selling articles at decent prices. You can actually make a full time living on the site like many other writers do there.  I’m really pleased to present a video that highlights one […]

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Crowdsourcing @ FiversWorld

Fivers World is a micro-contracting site for the buying and selling of services that are not worth seeking out a contractor for on a site like oDesk.  The most famous site in the micro-contracting space is fivver, and there are dozens of other similar sites offering gigs from the weird to the practical.   Fivers […]

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