Get Going With Constant Content and Track Your Success

by JadeDragon

Constant Content is far and away the best site for skilled web content writers to market their work and a skilled writer can actually earn some serious coin with Constant Content. However, most people who set up accounts never make a dime for one simple reason – they do not submit any articles for sale. Based on my observation, over 90% of the “writers” who hear about the great opportunity offered to freelance writers by Constant Content, and even create an account, never get around to submitting the first article. I even wrote a blog post about failing at Constant Content which gets a lot of visits and helpful comments from Constant Content writers and potential writers.  So just get writing and stop the procrastination and excuses!

For those successful writers who are actually writing and submitting articles, congratulations.   Research by the Constant Content staff shows that 70% of the articles that are approved do sell, and the balance are waiting for the right buyer.   If you are interested in tracking your submissions and sales, save your self some serious time and get Celeste’s Constant Content Tracking Spreadsheet.  Celeste worked the spreadsheet up to track her hundreds and hundreds of sales, and now she has released it to help other writers manage and improve their Constant Content efforts.

Even if you are not really statistics oriented, you can use the list of forum topics pulled together by CC writer Evelyn.  Thanks for digging up all these great threads Evelyn!

If you prefer to write for the smaller but more consistent paycheck of Demand Media/Demand Studios, than read this excellent post by Master Dayton on creating residual income from your Demand Studios rejects.  Demand is, well, demanding  and a lot of good work gets rejected over there.  However you can benefit from their keyword research and put your good work to use earning residual income on sites like Infobarrel that shares with you Goggle Adsense impressions.  A more complete list of revenue sharing Web 2.0 sites I work with his here on the resource page.

I’ve advocated using a similar residual income strategy to Master Dayton’s strategy with any articles that sell on Constant Content for usage rights. Just post them up for revenue share since you own the rights to do so.  Just be sure you follow the rules of the revenue share site though – don’t use a site that requires original content since your article is likely posted elsewhere after you sold usage rights.

Ramp up both your active writing income and passive writing income to create a permanent income stream that no boss or recession can take away from you.

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