Fantastic Link Stacking Sites

by JadeDragon

I’ve blogged before about the importance of link stacking (click to read this post if you are not familiar with  link stacking) but now a pair of sites has come along that actually automates link stacking.  Yes, it is true, and here is how it works.

Best-Reviewer is a new site that allows you to create “tops” lists with anchored backlinks.  Now you can create your lists about anything including who the hottest teen heartthrobs are, where the best hotels are or say, lists of links to your best articles.   You can and should frame the links with relevant text to give readers and bots context for the links. The links could be all to one site, like your main blog, or to various articles you’ve published on revenue share sites that point to your blog.

After you create your Tops List just hit the Send to SheToldMe button where, as long as you are also a SheToldMe member, a new scoop will be created for your Best Reviewer Tops List.

The result might look like this:

Level One  –  Passive Income Blog Articles

Level Two  –  Ehow Article on Writing for Passive Income and  Xomba Article on backlinking for Passive Income with each article linking into your blog.

Level Three – Best Reviewer Page linking to your best articles on Level One and Level Two

Level Four – SheToldMe scoop supporting the Best Reviewer page (created nearly effortlessly)

Best Reviewer has some other cool link building features as well.  When you create a Top page everyone gets access to copy and paste links to the page suitable for adding into forums and other sites.  Basically the site makes it really easy to stack more links on your Best Reviewer links.

Best Reviewer also lets you include a nice anchored backlink to your main site that shows up by your author photo.

Finally, as a bonus, Best Reviewer lets you include your Adsense ID in the big ad in the middle of every Top you create – giving you 100% Adsense sharing for that block (the site makes money on other adsense blocks, and shares some of those blocks with whoever referred you into the site.

It will take some time for Best Reviewer to build PR but the sister site SheToldMe has PR5 now and that can really help your articles.  The referral system encourages bloggers to write up Best Reviewer throwing it all kinds of organic links.  The button to create a SheToldMe scoop will give all kinds of deep links to the site too.  With over 4000 users on SheToldMe getting notified of Best Reviewer the site should start taking off quickly.

Join Best Reviewer and Join SheToldMe now to take advantage of this fantastic link stacking opportunity.

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