Free Gold Offer

by JadeDragon

I like gold – who doesn’t?  But I don’t wear gold, I invest in gold because I believe it is one of the best ways to protect from coming inflation.  I also write articles about investing in gold like this one on How to Invest in Gold Bullion Online.

While researching for the Investing in Gold Bullion Online article I discovered a company offering a free gram of gold to let you test out their services.  I signed up and poked around.  Sure enough I was credited a free gram of gold and some cash.  To keep the free gold you need to fund the account within a reasonable time, but the free gold is definitely yours to keep if you want it.   I think it is pretty nice to get $40 of value for checking out

I actually prefer to hold some gold in physical form but holds physical gold for you (NOT Paper gold).  Therefore I see as a good trading platform for taking positions in gold and trading gold in Euros, US Dollars and Swiss Francs.  It also makes sense to offshore some of your money.  The commissions are really low and you can trade anytime you like.

Buy gold online - quickly, safely and at low pricesThey also offer a little slice of their commission for referrals (so if you like the idea sign up!).  It does not cost you anything to join through a referral link either – the low commissions are exactly the same.   I’ll report how the referral program works out here later since we are all interested in making money together.