How Online Marketing Can Be Used Effectively for Your Business

by JadeDragon

We offer a guest post from a professional online marketing expert, Robert Brown.

Online marketing means promoting products or services on the internet. It is also called e-marketing or web marketing. This type of marketing has a wide reach and scope of advertising the products. There are a large number of consumers that the organization can cater to on a global level. The cost of marketing is very low and the numbers of consumers are very high. The wireless media and e-mails are used for this type of marketing.

Online marketing had many types of marketing models. They can be categorized as follows:

  • Display advertising. The web banners or ads that are seen on social networking sites and other third party sites are a way of marketing products online. The advertisements are posted on third party websites to drive more traffic to the official website of the organization. It promotes awareness of the products and attracts consumers.
  • Search engine marketing. Search engines like Google are used for online marketing where the result pages show the name and link of the company to the users. This is done with the use of contextual advertising or paid advertising through free search engine optimization.
  • Inbound marketing. This is done by sharing content on the internet for free. The content shared is informative and is meant for prospective clients. These contents are meant to convert prospective clients into customers and then turning them into repeat buyers.
  • E-mail marketing. Electronic mails are sent to a number or group of people that contain the promotion of a product or service. This is called email marketing. The mails have a description of the service provided or the product with links to the website of the company.

How online marketing can benefit us

  • Online marketing is quite inexpensive in comparison to other mediums of advertising. The ratio of costs to the target customers shows that the costs incurred are way less than the amount to customers attracted.
  • The range of customers is very wide when it comes to advertising on the internet. By spending nominal amount on advertising a large number of consume can be gained.
  • The method of online marketing is very convenient for both the customers as well as the companies.
  • The customers can do a research on the products or services they wish to purchase easily.
  • The marketers can easily and conveniently measure the statistics.
  • There various ways to choose from like pay per click or pay per action. This way the advertisers can measure the customers’ preferences and advertise effectively.

Some good strategies for online marketing

For an effective online marketing, it is necessary to understand our customers before hand and choose the services accordingly.

Start with an online promotion plan for your business and work on the web design and development strategies.

Ranking high on search engines is the second reason why you have set up your business online. Try to rank on major search engines with good SEO techniques.

Learn to use email marketing and others campaigns to influence your customers. Engage your readers via blogging and dominate your niche. Publish your articles, news online for promotion and traffic.


The method of online marketing may be inexpensive and convenient but it has its limitations and concerns. The biggest limitation of online marketing is that it lacks human touch. The products that are seen online cannot be felt or the services provided lack the human touch and hence the marketer cannot add its personal touch while promoting the products or services.

There are security concerns when it comes to online marketing. The consumers feel uncomfortable sharing their personal information on the internet as; the internet is prone to leaks. The websites usually seize browsing history to target their customers for advertising. These leaks and data attacks share confidential information about the customers which may be misused.

This guest post written by Robert Brown for Surge Digital, an online marketing company London