How to Get Free Products by Blogging

by JadeDragon

One of the money making opportunities in having an active blog with traffic is the opportunity to get free stuff in exchange for product reviews.  Many companies are looking for social media buzz and links and are willing to compensate bloggers who can provide it.

What to Review:  Getting free products for blogging is going to work better for smaller and lower value items like glasses, skin care etc and not going to work for reviewing the new condo development in town.  Companies launching new products are more likely to be open to trading product samples for blog reviews.

Think Outside the Product Box: – if your blog supports it (say you blog about events in Vancouver) can you review an amusement park, white water rafting, trail ride, or some other experience where there is really no cost to the company for having you tag along?

No Blogger Outreach Program:  Even, and maybe especially, if a company does not have an advertised program of free samples for bloggers, it may be worth while to contact the marketing department of a brand you like and offer to post about them and link to them if you they send samples or free product coupons.

Don’t Waste Company’s Time:  If your blog does not have decent traffic and subscribers yet don’t waste your time looking for free samples. You can’t offer much in value to the company yet.  Instead, focus on building your traffic with terrific informative posts, perhaps using some affiliate links for monetization if you must.  As your blog gets more popular you can start looking for samples in exchange for blog posts.

Combine Reviews with Affiliate Marketing:  Go beyond the sample and make some cash by blogging about companies that offer affiliate programs. You blog about products that can be found on Amazon or eBay and just install VigLink on your site to effortlessly affiliate all the links you insert. (like the links to Amazon, ebay, and VigLink here).

Go Do It: Here are some real actionable examples of free products for bloggers:

Eyewear for Free to Bloggers – copied from the Firmoo blog

Firmoo is offering FREE eyewear to bloggers, plus free shipping. You can get a FREE pair of eyewear valued less than $50, including non prescription glasses, RX glasses, sunglasses and goggles. One pair per person.  Sound great? In return, we sincerely ask for your favor to write a review for the FREE eyewear you get or sponsor for us in your personal blog that has been approved after checked by our team. The content can be what you think about our eyewear, and no need to be fantastic article.

1. Choose ANY EYEWEAR you like

·For non prescription glasses or prescription (RX) eyeglasses, please choose at

·For regular sunglasses or prescription (RX) sunglasses, please choose at

·For goggles, please choose at

2.Fill in our application form for free eyewear and then send an email with the application form attached to After receiving your email, our staff will check your blog,and we will tell you the result as soon as possible.

Click here to download the application form.

3. Once the blog is approved by our staff and information you provided is confirmed as correct, we would start process your eyewear and then send to you.

4. After receiving our eyewear, please write a review or sponsor for us in your personal blog and send your review address to


  1. We ship to U.S, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand etc.
  2. If your eyewear is lost in transit or arrives damaged, please contact us and we will resend you a new pair.

Pantine Blogger Girl blogger Sarah James got to star in her own Pantene commercial!  The link leads to Sarah’s behind the scenes look at the commercial filming process and her experiences going to Sony Studios in LA.  I don’t know how much she was paid, but she definately got a free trip and once in a lifetime experience because of her blog.

I found Sarah’s blog because of seeing the commercial, which means she is getting lots of great TV advertising for HaiThursday complements of Pantene.   Here’s the ad itself.


Skin Care Samples for Blog Reviews

Skin MD Natural offers samples to bloggers who will review their product. They also have a generous affiliate program with 1 year cookies and 21-31% commissions.

From the Skin MD Naturals Blog:

We’re delighted that you’ve discovered Skin MD Natural and would like to send you free samples of our product for review.

Some of our best reviews and recommendations have come from bloggers like you. Our way of saying thank you is to feature a few of these blog posts each week and give back some of the ‘link love’.

In order to be considered for the featured blog review, just request a sample using the form below and write your honest review of the product. We value your feedback.

We have just released our Skin MD Natural shielding lotion with sunscreen. If you would like to write a review of Skin MD Natural with sunscreen, SPF15, please let us know and we will have samples sent out to you right away.

Let us know when you’ve written a review. Email the link of your post to with Featured Blog Post in the subject line.

You have our permission to use the content on our site in your blog posts – text and images. If you’d like any other information please let us know.

And on the subject of link love – we’d appreciate it if your link to our site uses the keywords ‘skin care’, ‘skin care product’ or ‘natural skin care.’

UT Wire Rubber Organization Products

If you like to get organized and have a blog, maybe UT Wire is for you.  They are offering samples to bloggers who will review their products. You need to verify ownership of your blog.

Marx Foods-For Food Blogs

“Not the time you are thinking of … It’s the time of year to clear out of our sample supplies so we can start fresh for next year.  We’ve got some great Dried chilies , Dried ‘shrooms , some vanilla beans  for a lucky few and a whole host of random delicious pantry ingredients .  Want to experiment with some on your blog?

If so, email Katie: kwallace at marxfoods dot com.   Include in your email your address, full name and blog URL.

Supplies are limited, so first come first served.  And, you don’t really have to be a blogger … if you promise to put the ingredients to good use and take your culinary game to the next level, then we’ll send some to you anyway.”

Twisted Notions – Free Dog Collar Product for Bloggers

Do you have a blog? often provides free samples for bloggers who maintain craft, art, DIY, fashion, lifestyle, or pet blogs.

We get lots of request so we can’t guarantee your blog will be selected, but we try to meet as many requests as possible each month. To qualify, you must be willing to write at least 200 words about the product (good or bad- we welcome honesty!) and provide a link back to our site.

If your request is granted, we will send you a coupon for a specific dog collar (or a range which you may select from) and you will need to checkout through our site and purchase the dog collar. The coupon will drop the total order price (including shipping) down to $0.10. We do require this small payment be made so that if your blog is not updated with a review within 90 days we can charge the price of the unreviewed item to your original payment source.

To apply, forward the following information to us using the contact us form.

Your Name:
Email Address:
Name of Blog:
URL of Blog:
When blog established:
Estimate of Monthly Visitors:

Mom Blogs Free Stuff from Child’s Play Communications: Team Mom

Fill out the application and if approved as a blogger, you will receive free products and samples to try. You need to submit posts within 2 weeks of receipt of the samples to stay in the program.

Texas Pepper Jelly: Free Product Samples for Bloggers

This offer sounds delicious.  Cookbook, discounts and free pepper jelly… what’s not to love?

For Tech Blogs: Blue Lounge 

From the Blue Lounge Knowledge Base:  We occassionally send out product samples for review purposes on blogs or YouTube. Unfortunately we receive many requests and cannot respond to every request. It would really help us if you can provide detailed information about your blog or YouTube channel by providing the following information:

  • Its URL
  • What is the main focus of the blog/channel
  • What items you usually review
  • General statistics of your readers or viewers
  • Which of our products that you want to review

In any case, please feel free to submit your interest to review our product(s) by using the contact form.

I’ve just selected some examples covering different types of products to get you thinking.  Happy reviewing.