How to Save Money In a Home Office

by JadeDragon

Working from home comes with many financial advantages including:

  • Save money on meals out – eat at home
  • Save money on coffee out – brew at home
  • Save on gas, car maintenance, parking or transit passes
  • Save on car insurance – check for discounts if you are driving leisure only
  • Tax deductions – check this carefully as it varies by where you live
However running a home office comes with some extra expenses too.  Here are some ways to save on equipment and supplies for your home office.
  • Shop carefully for office equipment, computers and supplies.  With the internet you can easily compare prices between retailers.
  • Check out dollar stores for smaller items like pens, notepads, calculators etc. They are often cheaper than the office supply stores
  • Before you buy a computer or printer etc on sale from a retailer like Best Buy, get discounted gift cards from or another gift card exchange for that retailer. Best Buy cards are available from 5% discount. Use the gift cards to make the purchase, creating a bigger discount for yourself combined with the sale price.
  • Check for rebate offers on office equipment. Offers come and go and are often not advertised in the store, so search for a master list of rebate offers on a site like WeUseCoupons to see what rebates are available.
  • Go paperless, only printing what you need to print. This saves paper, ink, and space in the filing drawers.
  • Buy office supplies with discounted gift cards too, just like for office equipment and furniture.
  • Get VOIP phones or use Skype and cut your long distance costs.
  • Buy a 4×8 sheet of Shower Board from Home Depot and use it as a White Board. If you have to, cut it down. Frame with a little plastic trim that sells by the foot at the hardware store. Works great for to do lists and brainstorms, and very inexpensive compared to buying a small White Board.
Hopefully these ideas will save you some money as you operate a home office.