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by JadeDragon

When I first saw people talking about I was not interested. I figured they were just trying to get me to sign up so they could profit somehow (but I didn’t know how since it looked like I got all the revenue). Eventually I went and figured out and now I’m actually a big fan.

UPDATE:  This is now a pay site. It’s only a buck a month, but still. I believe they dropped Chitika too.

Terminology of SheToldMe:

Scoop – the site’s term for a short blurb with a link to some other content
Chitika – an alternative advertising network you should join
Adsense – the publisher side name for those little Google Ads you see all over the internet

How Does the Money Work at SheToldMe:

SheToldMe is a Google Adsense revenue sharing site. Google allows websites to invite users to participate in the Adsense revenue that a site generates. Blogger was the first to roll out the Adsense API – with 100% adsense revenue sharing.  Hubpages and others also participate. advertises 100% Adsense revenue sharing.   You might wonder – if I get all the revenue how does the site make money?

On every page there are three ads each with different Adsense codes.

1.  One block of Adsense Ads above the title (has’s Adsense code all the time)
2.  One block of Adsense Ads just below the title of your scoop (has your Adsense code all the time)
3.  One block of Adsense Ads just below the tags (has your referrers Adsense code all the time)

Since you get paid by Google Adsense directly, not by the site itself, you do not need to live in the USA to make money. Also there is no reason to worry about the site not paying you or folding -as long as you trust Google, you will be fine.  As always avoid click fraud.  Don’t get banned from Adsense for life.

Get Chitika Premium

There are also Chitika ads that display to search engine traffic.  If you sign Sign up for Chitika you get all the Chitika earnings  on all your scoops.  Put your Chitika user name into the SheToldMe signup page or add it later on the User Account Page.

The site benefits several other ways from traffic and members:

1. Adsense Ads on other parts of the site like the home page and other site pages not created by members.
2. Referral bonuses for signing people up to Adsense and Chitika from the site.
3. Direct sales of the ads on the left side of the page.

Here is How SheToldMe Works:

For each link you submit to a new web page is created.  You create that page by selecting either the Publish button  or the “Add a link / Publish a story” link.

Every page includes the title of the scoop, the link itself, and a description of the linked site you write up.

The SheToldMe  site automatically adds a little screenshot of the website hosting the link, and a link to your main site (input on your profile page).

Tips For Using SheToldMe:

1.  Use a Good Strong Title.  Not necessarily the title of what you are linking to, but a title people will search for.  Don’t write cute titles like you see in Cosmo, write something a lot of people will type into a search engine.   Sites like eHow force titles into a fixed “How to blah blah” and prohibit duplicate titles but you have more freedom at SheToldMe so use your freedom.   There is a maximum 100 Characters size to the title but I doubt that will be much of an issue for most of us.

2.  Your Title is an Anchored Backlink so pick a good SEO friendly title that will help the content you link too.

3.   The link is also a do follow link. Did I mention the title is important?

4.   SheToldMe has good PageRank (5 for the main page).  This is a really good thing.

5.  The writeup must be between 200 and 5000 characters = about 3 lines of text minimum. If it is too short the text box turns red and a warning comes up. Just say something more and than you can continue.  The more text you write the more the search engine has to work with.  Include some high value keywords that will make your ads worth something.    Find these here:

6.  Add lots of appropriate keywords in the keyword box.  They help people find your scoop, bring up related scoops to go with your scoop, and bring your scoop up on related scoops for more exposure.

7.  After you submit the scoop take a second to rate it up.  If scoops get rated up they move to the front page for a while.  Because there is not much competition, it is easy to get scoops to the front page right now.  The extra exposure can help your scoop get seen and clicked on.

8. The site will only accept each URL once.  It is totally fine to deep link to each of your blog posts or eHow articles – anything with a unique URL.

9. Unlike Digg or Stumble Upon which discourage self promotion, it is completely fine to link your own work from SheToldMe. The FAQs encourage this actually.

A Few Words About the My User Account Page:

This is where you input your Adsense ID, your Chitika ID and your main website.  It gives you stats about your site activity too.

Your website will show up as a link on every scoop page and on every list of scoops – so it is great for building links automatically to your own website as you create scoops.  However, your Website/Blog URL is shortened on the lists of scoops (like on the front page).  If you input your eHow, hubpages, or blogger page as the URL SheToldMe cuts it back to the main site URL.  So the link just goes to for example.  On your scoop page the full address is shown. Therefore if you have your own hosted blog or site like use that address as your link on SheToldMe for maximum benefit instead of an ehow profile.  If you don’t own a top level domain don’t sweat it, just put in whatever you like and get some benefit.

Building Referrals:

Once you have an account you can invite others to join using the referral banners and links like this one

Join now

Your referred members are listed under the “My Referrals” on the right hand side.  You get the benefit of one of the Adsense units on every scoop your referrals post.  That is passive income to you.


SheToldMe is really easy to use and scoops are really fast to create. You can even drag a tool into some browsers to hotlink back to SheToldMe if you like.

SheToldMe comes with some nice revenue potential if you use it a lot.  Both your own scoops and those of people you refer create potential passive income.

SheToldMe is a great way to promote your content, your friend’s content, or other stuff you find on the web that you think people would be interested in.  It will drive some traffic and provides another good link for your content.

If you found this guide helpful I would be honored if you would join through this referral link.  (You earn exactly the same if you use my referral link).

Then since you will also want to earn with Chitika at use this referral link to join Chitika as well.

Best of luck as you add SheToldMe to your passive income arsenal.

Update: The creator of SheToldMe has launched another site that is fantastic for link building. Here is a review.