Insurance Niche Website Analysis

by JadeDragon

As part of our series on various approaches to niche websites, we will look at an Insurance Niche Website in this post.  The principles can be applied to almost any niche.

Website Name – Naming for Search

There are a number of different naming strategies for websites that include:

Exact Match Keyword:  Pick a long tail keyword that you want to attract traffic too and buy a domain that matches it.  Perhaps you can get the exact phrase as a name.  An example of an exact match keyword phase name is cheap auto insurance in florida – an exact keyword phrase match with .com on the end.  A more famous example is using a single keyword – they will get traffic even without advertising.

If you can get a searched for keyword phrase with type in traffic followed by .com and you don’t actually want to build the site out, there is a service called Elephant Traffic that you can sell your type in traffic through.

Keyword Included:  Pat Flynn’s niche site securityguardtrainingHQ,com includes his primary keyword phrase plus HQ on the end.  This is just about as good as an exact match. also includes an important keyword phrase “passive income” plus “Innovative” as a descriptor.

Unique Word or Phase:  A made up, or borrowed from some other language name like “Xomba” or “Bukisa” or “Twitter” may be shorter but you will need to build up a brand image for the site because the site name does not tell anyone what the site is about.

Descriptive but not Keyword:  You might opt for a site name like Infobarrel that is someone descriptive but not something that people naturally search for as a keyword.

Use of the Keyword Phrase Within the Site is, in my opinion, over emphasizing their keyword.  Repeating the keyword in many of the subheadings, in the URL and titles of many of the pages, and in the body of the pages many times is excessive.  They they also include other related keywords within page titles & URLs (look at the sitemap for examples), but the site could handle some rewriting to soften the keyword phases to read more naturally.  The search engines are punishing pages that effectively stuff too many instances of a particular keyword into the page – what used to work does not work so well anymore.

Give the Reader What they are Looking For

One thing that CheapAutoInsuranceinFlorida does fantastic is placing the opportunity to get quotes front and center on every page.  Someone searching for Florida auto insurance is in the buying mode and they want a quote. Making it clear that they can get quotes from various reputable insurance companies right on the site is just want the niche site should be doing.

Also, the site has a clean look without ads – the focus is on taking people to request a quote – as it should be in this niche.

Hopefully you picked up a good idea or too – or if you are looking for cheap auto insurance in the State of Florida, you have a site to check now.