Interview with Silver Bullion Producer Market Harmony

by JadeDragon

Bullion producer and refinery service provider Market Harmony LLC blends creating physical precious metal and copper bullion products with an online sales strategy focused on viral marketing and social media.

In this post, I am very pleased to present an interview with Michael Arvay, the owner of Market Harmony.    As I’ve gotten to know Michael over the last year or so (and acquired a number of his excellent silver bars)  I’ve found him to be  a straight shooter with an interesting story.  I hope that readers of Innovative Passive Income Blog can learn from Michael’s experiences starting and growing his business through social media and online marketing.

10 ounce silver bars

JadeDragon: Michael, what got you interested in starting your own business?

Market Harmony: I’m a graduate of the Culverhouse School of Business at the University of Alabama, and putting to practice what I’ve learned both through education and experience in several industries has always been a goal of mine. I’ve always wanted to work for myself and reap the full rewards of my labor. I initially thought it would also offer a tax benefit, but I’ve yet to see any of that. Once I made the leap, I was completely hooked. Owning a company is like raising a child. There are growing pains and triumphs and failures, but all in all it is a rewarding endeavor that only a mother or father… or business owner can understand.

JadeDragon: Of all the things you could have done, why did you choose the precious metals business?

Market Harmony: Some of my past experience is in the field of metallurgy and I’ve always been a financially conscious person. Precious metals, being directly tied to historical forms of money, are now today’s wealth preservation vehicles. For me to be able to combine the metallurgical experience that I have with a prudent financial concept seemed to be a no-brainer. However, had it not been for a few key inspirational conversations, I would have never purchased that first little furnace.

JadeDragon: What tips can you provide for developing a market online?

Market Harmony: The single best piece of advice that I can give is to be yourself and follow the golden rule. As a seller of anything, you must put yourself into the shoes of your customer. What do they need? Why would they trust your company? What is it that draws a them to you and how do you keep them there?

Specifically for my company, there are some other key considerations. Precious metals is a relatively small market, and the products which Market Harmony produces is a niche within this market. This gives me a chance to interact with a tight-knit group of normally like-minded people. A solid reputation, world-class products and services, and availability are a must. Online forums where I can demonstrate these attributes has been a huge help. Videos of hot molten metal is also popular on YouTube and has helped to draw interest. Search engine optimization will be used in the future.

JadeDragon:   I found you through the realcent forum, so your social media marketing tactics are working.

You make several unique products including a 6 oz silver pyramid ingot and poured copper bars.  How have you found the acceptance of these more unusual products in an industry that is thousands of years old?

Market Harmony:  Specialty products like these appeal to a very select group of potential buyers. Many of these buyers are looking for unique products or have a desire to be on the cutting edge of a new idea. The products to which you refer fulfill this cutting edge requirement. The uniqueness and relative rarity give them a collectible value above that of intrinsic value. The buyers realize this immediately and confirm it later when they show them off to friends and family.

Silver Ingot Market Harmony

JadeDragon: Are you willing to share any mistakes others should avoid?

Market Harmony: I did not develop a detailed business plan when I first created the company. I had only a rough estimate of the total costs involved. Regardless, I jumped right in. I’d have to say that the only accurate estimation that I made was the purchase price of 50% of the equipment. I had to get my hands dirty, literally and figuratively, to learn the actual costs of production. If I had done more research to learn more about the costs involved, such as consulting with similar companies, then perhaps the first years would have gone more smoothly and growth would have been accelerated. However, all the planning in the world can really only get you so far. Some things just have to be learned the hard way. And you’ll never learn until you take that first step… or make that first ingot.

JadeDragon: What are your goals for Market Harmony in 2010 and how might readers partner with you?

Market Harmony: I’ve earmarked 2010 as the year that Market Harmony should be able to grow into the form of my vision. The refining and toll production will be ramped up. Retailing partnerships, a stronger internet presence, and a certain level of sales will be the barometer of growth in established business lines. It is important that when any company wants to grow, that they set goals and develop ways to measure progress. Readers that would like to partner with Market Harmony should contact me with their proposals: michael (@)

JadeDragon: Thank-you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. Readers can learn more about Market Harmony products here: or through The Copper Cave, retailer of Market Harmony products and many other interesting bullion products.

Market Harmony: The pleasure is all mine, JadeDragon. Thank you for the great questions and the opportunity to answer them here.  I wish you all the best.

Investing in precious metals provides a good hedge against inflation and is a solid choice for your future security.

Micheal will be happy to answer your comments and questions below.

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