Invest in Real Estate – A Little at Time

by JadeDragon

While looking around for interesting ideas I came across an article about Malaysians investing in cemetery lots as a hedge against inflation and for profit.  Intrigued, I did some more research and discovered there is a very quiet but very active industry of unused cemetery plot investors.

Yes, it sounds a little crazy but think about it. Cemetery plots are:

  • Actual dirt, not a paper investment
  • Already zoned
  • Maintenance is taken care of for you
  • Reasonably liquid (run ads on craigslist or in the local paper’s online ads)
  • About the only investment you can use if you die before you sell it
  • Affordable – from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each
  • Keep up with or beat inflation generally
  • Location driven

I could not find any comprehensive report on how to do this business.  Not even a simple guide anywhere.  Just little bits and pieces and hints.  I pulled together all the info I could find and then added a bunch of knowledge about normal real estate investing to create a How to Invest in Cemetery Plots for Profit article.

I welcome your comments and ideas on this somewhat unorthodox idea.

PS:  If you need a plot, you might need this excellent guide to writing an obituary.

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