Is Really Dead?

by JadeDragon

A guest post by martinmrojas over at Bukisa.  Since many of the readers here are eHow refugees, when I found this article I had to share it because it presents some unique information.  I also note the difficulty dealing with DS editors expressed by the writer.

This article explores some of the reasons why former freelance writing site, may not fully be gone and still provide an opportunity for all online writes to make money.

Writing online is becoming more and more popular, and the discovery of new sites to write for is always an exciting part of the process.  Sites such as Bukisa, Triond, Hub Pages, Associated Content, Info Barrel etc. all offer the benefit of freelance writing and the freedom to write about things that interest you.  These sites also offer the benefit of gaining and sharing knowledge and meeting all sorts of interesting people from around the world.  One such site that used to offer this great benefit and was such a great site to write for was  For those of you who are unfamiliar with, it basically was a site much like Bukisa, in which people would have the freedom to write about anything they want.  The only difference with this freedom was that all articles needed to be in the how to format.  Either way, it certainly was a site worth writing for and reading the fantastic work that others wrote.  I loved, and to be honest the revenue income was outstanding.  It was one of those sites, which apply to two previous articles that I wrote ( Writing Articles, Increase Traffic, And Making Money Online Without The Extra Work of Ad Words, Ad Sense, Bookmarking, And Back Links and Writing Online: Making Money And Causing Stress ).  However, several months ago, the company called Demand Studios, which is the company that runs, decided to take away that freedom from everyone, and told all of us that we will have to now submit our work to go through an editor, and if approved, we would receive a flat fee, and our work would not belong to us, but it would be the property of Demand Studios.  This caused much anger in all who wrote for this site, and believe me, I was one of those people.

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