Local Business – An Opportunity

by JadeDragon

While we often focus on affiliate programs for larger or online businesses, there is a huge opportunity for creating passive income through services to local businesses.  Local business has a tough time reaching new customers in the old ways because the internet has changed everything in the last 5 years.

Put yourself in the place of a plumbing and heating contractor.  You provide local services to a local  market. Your promotion strategy used to be easy to understand. Each year you would just renew your Yellow Pages listing when the rep called. Bigger ad=more calls.  This is not working anymore.

Your business does not sell products online, but your customers ignore print advertising now. Instead they are going to Google and typing something  like ac repair Phoenix in to the search engine. They may be asking friends for referrals on Facebook, or turning to Angie’s List and Yelp to read reviews.  Maybe the customers are going to the services section of Craigslist or Kijiji for help.  Maybe they are using Bing or some new way you have not even heard of to find someone to repair their a/c.

You know how to fix air conditioners better than anyone, but perhaps you can barely follow your grand kids on facebook.  Who are you going to turn to to help with social media and online marketing?

There in lies the opportunity.  If you follow this blog you have an understanding of search engine optimization, article marketing, backlinking strategy, and other internet marketing skills.  Perhaps you can put this knowledge to work by offering local offline businesses your services.  Internet marketing is an ongoing process that never ends, so if you do a good job you can count on recurring income every month

If you are good at sales, but dislike the grunt work or just want to expand beyond what you can personally do, it is easy to turn the work over to an outsourced team in India or the Philippines via oDesk.com  The profit is in the spread. Once the framework of a job is established you can let your team run the contract.