Outsourcing SEO to India

by JadeDragon

Readers of The 4 Hour Work Week will understand the concept of outsourcing to get more done in a day for your business.  This post is a real live example of outsourcing in action.

I contracted Shilpy as a virtual assistant working on some SEO tasks for this blog and I also asked her to write an article on outsourcing of SEO services to India.  I’ve posted her article here exactly as I received it – no editing – so you can see the quality of work available.  While you can not guarantee top notch results from any provider, on or offshore, I’m pretty happy with each of the VA’s I’ve worked with so far.  The wonderful thing is that you can terminate a VA and their job anytime you are not happy (I’ve not needed to do this yet though).

So without further ado, here is Shilpy’s guest post:


By Shilpy Pandey

Once aware of the merits of SEO, the first question that pops up in the mind of any internet business owner is “do I need to know everything about SEO to help my business”, and if not then “who’d do it for me.” Well, there are experts available in abundance waiting for you to approach them with your online goals. They are people trained and experienced in providing your business better visibility and popularity. While the options, when it comes to selecting your SEO provider, are many, the favorites are few. In recent times, India has emerged as major destination for SEO outsourcing. There are some concrete reasons for this sudden upsurge in this field in the country.In today’s world of total internet dependence, it is only wise to keep up with the latest trends in the realm of business marketing. SEO is a tool which does wonders to any internet base venture and creates an unprecedented surge in its popularity. A business owner on the internet not using SEO to boost his venture is like a pawn shop owner sitting in a corner of a housing colony, wishfully expecting the world to know everything about his store. The faster one understands this fact, the better it is for the venture he’s involved in.

India has historically had an intellect based society. With the boom in information technology, the youth in India have better access to education resulting in more and more professionals graduating in modern disciplines. A majority of these disciplines are related directly to computers and the internet. Given the fact that there is large number of professionals joining the race every year, the competition in the field of providing a certain service is really steep. This works out to be of a great benefit to the consumer because the ‘quality of work’ and ‘justified prices’ are automatically ensured due to the prevailing competition. SEO companies in India have been hiring the best brains in the business and providing immaculate service to the users. They don’t just believe in providing a site-owner with an immediate thrust to reach his goals in optimizing his website’s search engine ranking, but provide a long term solution, taking his business to the next level. All this is courtesy the large number of service providers in the market gunning to get every site-owner’s attention. By outsourcing the SEO requirements a client can focus on more vital business activities while letting the SEO Company that specializes in that work take care of it all. India has fantastic reputation in providing outsourcing services in the field of information technology. Companies can get business solutions at a nominal rate from India as compared to the other destinations of outsourcing around the world.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

There is an amazing cache of ‘freelancers’ waiting to be tapped in India as well. Going by the previously stated facts about the increase in the education standards, and a resultant abundance in the number of qualified professionals, a lot of people have taken to working full time from their homes. These are a dedicated set of people ready to go to any extent to satisfy the business needs of their clients. One would be surprised to find that the communication skills of these bright service providers, apart from their knowledge, are one of the best in the world.

Overall, it is an exciting world of outsourcing opportunities in India for SEO and related tasks. You can entrust you business goals to efficient and hardworking professionals in India and rest assured of your success. Don’t be the one to lag behind because of the lack of knowledge of such fantastic outsourcing opportunities. India is calling, take the call!


To hire Shilpy Pandey or any other virtual assistant to help you with Search Engine Optimization or other online tasks, I highly recommend joining oDesk or read more about outsourcing strategy in this post.

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