Passive Income on Photographs & Graphic Designs:

by JadeDragon

If you enjoy photography and/or design, here is an interesting royalty program that will pay for the use of photographs and graphic designs.

The royalty program is offered by – an industry  leading website that offers gift cards and prepaid reloadable credit cards. On the site people have the option of choosing any photo or design they want.  They allow customers to upload their own photo  – how cool to give a gift card with a photo of the birthday girl and you – but that’s not how you make money from photographs.

They are also building a library of photos and designs for customers to use on gift cards and the site will pay royalties on the photos or designs every time someone picks the photo or design.  From the site:

PicPaid gives you the ability to use your own photos to create personal gift card designs, and sell them on GiftCards. That’s right, sign up for the PicPaid program, design your own gift card, post it on PicPaid, and get $0.25 every time your card gets purchased.

It’s easy. Simply sign up for a free account, give us a few details for your photographer page on GiftCards , start making cards, then start making cash! When you reach a certain amount of sales, GiftCards will send you a check, automatically. You bring the photos, we’ll bring the customers, and you’ll get paid!”

By the way, is also a good place to buy discounted gift cards to reduce your living costs.

BTW – sorry about all the extra links.  This site uses Viglink to add in affiliate links and Viglink works great 99% of the time, but they seem to have an attraction to the words “gift card” and want to link it to eBay all the time.  The auction site is a fine place to buy cards as gifts, but that is not the point of this article – we are interested in making money.  I’ve highlighted the links to the money making website.