Photography: 5 Tips To Make Money during Quiet Periods

by JadeDragon

This is a guest post by Margaret

Every photographer faces nulls in his or her business. Weddings and senior picture seasons may provide regular income for some months but not others. The main thing you can do to make your photography business profitable is to find out ways to to make supplementary income during quiet periods.

Photography can be highly seasonal, especially wedding photography.  Here are some other ways to make money through photography.

1. Micro stock agencies

Micro stock agencies are a simple way to make a regular supplemental earning. Websites such as iStock and Dreamstime accept photographs and publish them on their website so that clients can download at a low price. People buy usage rights to these photographs. Photographers can make $ 0.20 to $ 0.50 per image downloading or licensed. This may not sound a great earning from photography, but if photographers can upload hundreds or photographs to these micro stock agencies then it can be a great side income. If you have a big inventory of images you own, just continue uploading images to earn more.

2. Real estate photographs

Another way to generate some extra money in photography is via real estate photographs for local real estate agents. Consider both commercial real estate agents, residential agents, and real estate developers working on their brochures and marketing materials. If your services are marketed well, photographers can make good money in real estate photography. You might also team up with a homestager to secure clients.

3. Custom products

Photographers can create custom products for their customers. These days, custom photographs on T-shirts, key chains, mugs and other special things are highly popular. Photographers can add this to their business. In this way, photographers can double or triple their income by offering variety of products to their customers.

4. Craigslist and eBay sellers 

Photographers can offer theirservices to eBay and Craigslist sellers.  Many ads and auctions are characterized by blurry and poorly lit photographs that result in lost sales and lower prices. Regular sellers may be willing to pay more to a professional photographer to create great looking images for their ads. You can advertise services on Craigslist and/or email sellers who are using bad photography.

5. Photo touch-ups and restoration

Many times people want to digitize their old photographs. So, photographers can also do photo touch-ups and restoration. Most photographers use software to divert physical photos to digital photos. They can also give touch ups to damaged photos. Even they can give touch up to family snaps to remove imperfection or red eye. These skills are quit high in demand.  Therefore, simple add digitization and restoration services to your business cards and advertisements can help in quiet periods.

6.  Other event photography

Think outside the wedding box. Corporate events, graduation parties, anniversaries, birthdays, fundraisers etc are potential photography jobs.  Maybe not worth as much as a wedding, but it’s money and can lead to higher priced jobs.

7. Gift Card Images

As covered in this blog post on gift card images, you can create passive income by submitting images for use on gift cards.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology and is fond of books. She recently published an article on automotto and an article for gizmowatch.

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