How to Profit from Pocket Change

by JadeDragon

Watching you loose change for coins worth more as collectibles or investments can make you some extra money. Finding valuable coins is also fun – a sort of treasure hunt. Follow these easy steps.

Copper Pennies

===Watch your Pennies===

American Pennies from 1959-1981 contain over a penny of copper. Saving these pennies as an investment is just good business sense.

American Wheat Pennies (1909-1958) and older pennies like Indian Head pennies have a ready market with collectors. Common wheat pennies can be sold for about 4 cents to coin dealers or direct to collectors.

===Get Your Nickel’s Worth===

Watch for Buffalo/Indian Head Nickels that can easily be sold to collectors or any coin shop. 35% silver war nickels (1942-1945) are good targets to hold as an investment or sell, though hard to find in the wild. Canadian Ni Nickels up to 1981 are worth about 10 cents now, and can be found occasionally circulating in the US.

===Stacking Silver===

Watch your change for circulating silver coins. US 1/2 Dollars, Dimes and Quarters up to 1964 are 90% silver and worth over 8 times face value. US 1/2 dollars from 1965 to 1970 also contain 40% silver.

===Build an International Coin Collection===

Travelers tend to dump international coins into circulation. Save these aside for your personal collection or give them to a child in your life to see a big smile. Alternatively bulk circulated mixed international coins can be sold to coin dealers or on ebay by the pound.

Good luck with your searching – hope you find some interesting and valuable coins in your pocket change.

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