Reducing Expenses: Homeowner Insurance

by JadeDragon

Earning extra money is great, but it is true that a penny saved is a penny earned – in fact an after tax penny saved is better than a pre-tax penny earned. Every year you buy homeowner insurance, or renters insurance (or you sure should be buying insurance as part of your financial plan).

When is the last time you competitively quote your insurance?  If you are like most homeowners, it might have been years. Most people just renew when the agent calls to get their credit card number.  So this year, well before your homeowner insurance is up, get an online Homeowners Insurance quote.

And here is another tip – set your deductibles as high as you can afford to set them.  A higher deductible means you shoulder the first dollars of loss, but if you want to maintain a claims free history for better rates, you don’t want to file a claim on a small loss anyway.  Taking a higher deductible will, however, cost quite a bit less each year.