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If you are serious about making passive income, you need to take action today.  Below is an evolving collection of resources and tools that I have found helpful in the quest to build an internet based passive income business.  I’ll be adding to the list as  I find new helpful resources, so keep checking back.  If you have any suggestions for additions, please let me know and I’ll take a look.

As always, if you sign up or purchase items through many of these links (or others on this site) I may financially benefit from your actions. After all, this site is part of my online business and I practice what I teach about. If you find Innovative Passive Income helpful, please consider signing up to recommended sites from this page as a way to say thanks.

Site Hosting, Domains, and Related Resources

Earn Passive Income Doing Simple Posts

  • Answer questions at WebAnswers for Adsense Revenue
  • Create Tops Lists and Earn Adsense (great for link building) with Best Reviewer
  • Try Tip Drop for potential Adsense Revenue, but best for link building

Earn Passive Income / Revenue Share With Your Articles

  • Write on Infobarrel and earn directly from Google Adsense, Amazon Associates and Chitika.  Free to join, the ad services pay you.
  • Start today with Squidoo – Get paid to create webpages – 50% revenue share, multiple sources.  Free- Squidoo Pays You
  • Join Wikinut and write for revenue share. Paid in British pounds!
  • Join SeekYt – great referral program too.

Sell Articles and Rights to Articles

  • Join Constant Content – a higher end market place for selling full and usage rights to articles.  The best site for selling your writing – period. Free – Site Pays You
  • Also, I strongly recommend you invest $9.95 in Celeste Stewart’s Constant Content Success eBook to significantly reduce your learning curve. Low cost ebook

Guides & eBooks


Learn How to Build Effective Websites

Ad & Affiliate Networks to Join (earn from and/or advertise with)

Outsourcing Market Places / Places to Find Work Helping Others

    • Constant Content Buy high quality unique web content.  Pay for what you need, free to set up requests.
    • oDesk – Access a Global Workforce at a moderate cost.  Great job and worker tracking ability. Free to join and earn, or pay for what you need.
    • ScriptLance – more than just code, good for writers and designers too. Free to join
    • Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Very low cost, great for simple tasks requiring a human.

Strategy Resources

Other Ways to Make Money Online

  • Unique Rewards – many ways to make money. Paid through Paypal, no minimum.

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