a Review and Alternative

by JadeDragon

Online crowdsourcing site is a great deal – for the people who created the site. Read their own description of their deal carefully. Basically they want you to write reviews of clickbank products for them.  You get the commissions on sales for the first month and than they swap in their ClickBank code forever more.

Writing reviews of products with affiliate links is a fine way to make money online. However, if you are going to make the effort to earn passive income through affiliate marketing, you really should plan to earn for more than a month.

ReviewArena even suggests writers spend time promoting their reviews with backlinks and forum posts.  Great idea, if you plan to own the reviews for the long run.

Rather than handing away all your hard writing work reviewing products so other people can reap the rewards, you would be far better to:

1.  Go to BlueHost and get your own top level domain.  Use the word “review” in the domain if you like.

2.  Set up a WordPress blog for free within BlueHost

3. Join Clickbank or ShareaSale to find products and sites to review

4. Write reviews with affiliate links

5. Do some backlinking to build traffic

6. Enjoy passive income for years to come

A much better passive income plan than writing for Reviews Arena to say the least.  Here is a great read at Clicknewz on How to Write a Product Review.  I love the idea of posting a question asking for reviews of a product and saying you will use them and post a link back there.  Pure genus.