Retire Young: A 12 Month Quest

by JadeDragon

We all love a good story. Why? It connects us to other people and to shared human experiences. Stories are also great for learning. 2000 years ago Christ used stories called parables to teach the people important lessons. Today, television is popular because from sitcoms to dramas and from “reality” TV to the news it is almost all about stories. On the internet, Pat Flynn has a hugely successful passive income blog today partly because he is transparent and lives a great story inspired by the 4 Hour Work Week book.

Another reason that we like stories is that stories are easier to remember than raw facts.   If you want to convey facts, try stringing them together as an interesting and engaging story.

Now to highlight an interesting and developing story in the passive income sphere. Serena Star Leonard is a young lady in Australia with an audacious goal. She wants to retire on passive income in 12 months. Yes, it is a lot crazy but she is sharing her journey on the internet for everyone to see. Now that screams commitment! If she succeeds she will really be a star, and if she fails… well at least she tried hard. Either way, watching and interacting with Serena has got to be an educational experience.

Here is a little inspiration – video blogging from Thailand – to explore what is possible. Now that is Lifestyle Design.

To create a passive income stream, Serena is focusing on helping small businesses that have crap websites. I’d say that is a huge market with a lot of potential. To see some of her marketing ideas, you can check out Serena’s Grassroots Internet Strategy site.

I think we all can wish Serena the very best and let’s all learn together toward lifestyle design.