SEO and Silver Bullion

by JadeDragon

I want to share with you an interesting achievement on Google and than discuss it for the education value.  A post on this blog hit #1 on Google for a fairly short key phrase.  Here is the screen shot:

The first Link is to this blog.  Great right?  Yes and No.

What is Wrong with Ranking #1 On Google?

Nothing really but it could be a lot better.

1.  The search phrase “bullion producer” is not an extremely popular phase.  According to it gets 46 hits per month average worldwide.  I would have expected a lot more, but than the tool is not perfect and neither am I.  I’m seeing about a hit a day for the phrase though so there must be more than 46 searchers per month.

2.  The search phrase “bullion producer” does not have any value on Adwords.   I should have looked for a higher value, more searched keyword like Silver Bullion or Investment Bullion.

3.  I put out a few links to the article in the realcent forum plus on SheToldMe and Xomba.  Nothing big but apparently it does not take a lot of effort to get that phrase.

4.  The second link is to a thread on the realcent coin forum that contains a link to this blog.  That thread has several things going for it.  It contains the search term Bullion Producer in the title, a link to the #1 ranked page for bullion Producer, and it is part of a while forum talking about silver bullion and other bullion.

While I love #1 I’m going to try adding links and reworking some of the links to a more searched phrase – specifically Silver Bullion since Silver Bullion is searched for 500,000 times a month.   If it works, this effort will bring in a ton of traffic.

Now for a word from our sponsors.  If you like Silver Bullion (or Copper Bullion) check out my friend Nate at the Copper Cave today.

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