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Bukisa Changes to Adsense API and How to Set Up for Adsense

Bukisa is undergoing a big change for the better by replacing the in house Bukisa Index with direct Adsense earnings. Here is the email announcing the change: Hey JadeDragon, The Bukisa team is working hard to make Bukisa an even better place to be for our valued community members, including you. In 30 days, we […]

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Don’t Bother With These Revenue Sharing Sites

Hey there, everyone.  Evelyn Fielding here, JadeDragon’s friend from Constant-Content. I was in exploring mode yesterday and googled “top revenue sharing websites” (using, of course). A bunch of lists popped up with Top 20, Top 50, Top 101 etc. revenue sharing websites. The big dogs were on there: Associated Content (read how they scammed non-US writers at […]

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Associate Content Bought Out By Yahoo

News of a $90-$100 Million dollar deal by Yahoo to buy out Associated Content just broke (May 18/10).  It is unclear how the acquisition relates to Associated Content’s decision to cut most of its writer contributors outside the USA. If Associated Content is worth this kind of money they sure must be doing well with […]

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Associated Content Pulls the Plug – Scam Alert

This email was distributed to thousands of writers outside the United States. Historically Associated Content would only pay pitiful residual income based on views, restricting their pitiful upfront payments to US residents. Now they have stopped paying residual income to writers outside the US too. From: Associated Content Sent: 2010-04-29 11:00:07 Subject: Important Announcement About […]

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