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WordPress Training Course

I rarely recommend courses and training products on Innovative Passive Income. Most of the courses and ebooks I’ve looked at are just not worth the money. The information is readily available for free on the net.  However, I’m making an exception today because I found a course that teaches some of the most important skills […]

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Corporate Comedian – A Lesson in Self Promotion

I’ve been studying how to create an effective online resume site to promote a personal service, consulting business or entertainment business.  In that vane, here is a well done site promoting corporate comedian Tom Crowl. To get the most out of this analysis you’ll want to visit Tom’s site here: and follow along. Tom Crowl […]

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Where Can I Safely Use YouTube Videos?

I received an excellent question from jeni10 about the acceptable use of YouTube videos. “How can you tell which ‘YouTube’ videos you’re allowed to use and which ones you’re not allowed to use?” In a world where stolen content on the internet is rampant, figuring out what resources you can legally use is really important to protecting the […]

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Can You Make a Living Online? 10 Steps

Many people ask “Can I make a living online?” The answer is… it depends. I know, not what you want to hear, but read on. Making a living online requires a few keys: 1. Making a living online is some combination of running your own business and freelancing. You need to understand some basic business […]

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