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How to Profit from Pocket Change

Watching you loose change for coins worth more as collectibles or investments can make you some extra money. Finding valuable coins is also fun – a sort of treasure hunt. Follow these easy steps. Copper Pennies ===Watch your Pennies=== American Pennies from 1959-1981 contain over a penny of copper. Saving these pennies as an investment […]

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Copper as an Investment

Beyond passive income and real estate (also passive income) my interests extend to hard asset investing. Precious and base metals are durable commodities that tend to retain their intrinsic value in the face of inflation.  The way the US is spending borrowed dollars and creating more dollars to cover the government spending is out of […]

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Coin Roll Hunting – A Hobby that Makes Money

One of the things I enjoy as a hobby is searching batches of coin for old and valuable coins.  It is not extremely profitable but it pays a lot more then other hobbies.  Better yet, most hobbies cost but coin roll hunting is basically free.  You get to deposit the coins you do not want in […]

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Free Gold Offer

I like gold – who doesn’t?  But I don’t wear gold, I invest in gold because I believe it is one of the best ways to protect from coming inflation.  I also write articles about investing in gold like this one on How to Invest in Gold Bullion Online. While researching for the Investing in […]

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