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Copyright and Image Pinning

In the old days before the internet was invented, copyright was a fairly clear cut concept.  Few people (relatively) had the means to publish and copyright was easier to enforce. When the new Stephan King novel came out, no one with a printing press would be so dumb as to republish the whole book or […]

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Copyright Irony-Theft by

While dealing with the shutdown of the eHow WCP I stumbled on this page dedicated to one of my articles.  It accuses me of copyright infringement  in using a photograph.  Now many months later I can’t remember if I got the photograph of a Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin from or some other site.  If I […]

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Cook’s Source Copyright Infringement – Lessons to be Learned

Copyright Notice:  Anyone is welcome to republish this article for free as long as you leave the links intact and don’t charge me for correcting it.  Ok, on to the article. The Cook’s Source controversy is a great example of how you can destroy your business with copyright infringement.  Basically little regional magazine Cook’s Source lifted this great […]

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