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eHow Photo Scam Roundup

I don’t use many photos on my eHow articles and the ones I do use are mostly from Wikipedia or logos of sites I’m talking about. However, many writers use unique photos they take themselves. Demand Media is now appropriating these photos and linking them to other (usually Demand Media owned) articles on their various […]

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Is the eHow UK Compensation Enough?

The eHow writers waited for the promised compensation for having their work used on the eHow UK site – and today it arrived.  Is anyone happy about the generous eHow UK compensation?  Apparently not.  The eHow forums are buzzing with comments;  (almost) none of them positive.   We will see how long the comments last since […]

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eHow UK Update

Several eHow members including Alrady noticed that new (ie Feb 2010) articles are still going up on the eHow UK site but without redirects. For example – here is my latest article How to Get to Sanibel Island – UK version. As of this blog post it does not redirect to the I know […]

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Is eHow Still a Good Place to Write?

In a continuing effort to learn from the eHow UK site issue, here is a traffic graph from Alexa. The blue line represents popularity on the entire web – all countries – all sites.   Normal traffic goes up and down but this pattern is not normal.  Clearly the eHow SEO team had a breakthrough […]

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eHow Apologizes

I am gratified to see Demand Studio’s Senior Vice President of Content and Editorial, Jeremy Reed respond to writer concerns about eHow that I articulated here.  I am reposting the exchange below. January 30, 2010 at 5:08 am  JadeDragon says: I’d like to know what Demand Media is going to do about eHow Writers who are feeling pretty […]

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eHow to Compensate Writers for Lost Earnings

On January 29, 2010 eHow released a video blog admitting that the eHow UK site did indeed impact writer’s earnings. The eHow GM stated they would be “generously estimating” the lost earnings and compensating the writers in February. Curiously they were very careful to use “UK beta site” and variations of this term – a […]

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Looking around for alternatives to eHow brought me to This site is not what it seems at all. The best evidence I can gather is that has gone through several models.  At one time they paid writers in gift cards (presumably because you can buy gift cards at a discount off face and […]

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eHow – A Study in Public Relations – Done All Wrong

Any webmaster knows to get upset when someone takes your content and posts it up in competition. It draws traffic you should get.  You lose ad revenue. You might also lose search engine ranking.  Content thieves are just not cool. Enter who took the entire database of articles contributed by writers expecting to earn […]

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eHow UK – Fight Back

ehow members are deleting their articles in droves. Others are refusing to write any more articles. A few don’t care or don’t understand what the fuss is about. Personally I am leaving my articles up but I am taking some concrete actions to improve the situation. I’ve developed this system and am gradually rolling it […]

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So eHow says they are in the right – just trying to be friendly.

Spotted an interesting exchange in the eHow forums In Response to Re: 01/11/2010– eHow UK website and WCP participants : According to the Agreement and the Terms, you only reserve the right to republish content on one website: The Agreement is explicitly between eHow – the “Site,” – and the contributors who publish content. […]

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eHow Admits UK Site is Not Paying US Writers

I prefer to be positive about life and look forward – but the ehow UK issue contains so many lessons on what not to do to your business partners I just have to blog about it.  I welcome your thoughts in the comments. eHow community manager Rich posted the following message thread to the eHow […]

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