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Silver Bullion & SEO #5 (Update)

If you are looking for silver bullion check out this silver bullion dealer.  I want you to find what you are looking for.  If you came here to learn more about SEO, using Silver Bullion as an example, than read on. Another quick update.  When I started this experiment nothing I wrote ranked for the search […]

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SEO & Silver Bullion #4 (Update)

If you are looking for silver bullion check out this silver bullion dealer.  I want you to find what you are looking for.  If you came here to learn more about SEO, using Silver Bullion as an example, than read on. A short update.  Here are the results for these search terms. Silver Bullion Suppliers […]

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SEO and Silver Bullion

I want to share with you an interesting achievement on Google and than discuss it for the education value.  A post on this blog hit #1 on Google for a fairly short key phrase.  Here is the screen shot: The first Link is to this blog.  Great right?  Yes and No. What is Wrong with Ranking #1 […]

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UPDATE:  I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE ANY MORE after getting this message from the site admin. “Although we appreciate the post you wrote about Diyhound, we’re a little worried it will attract the wrong kind of users to Diyhound. “ I guess they can stick to auto scraping ehow for article snippets.  All they offer […]

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Project Wonderful – Not So Wonderful?

I recently found ad network Project Wonderful because they serve ads to where I’ve spent a lot of time lately. (see comment by James the owner of SheToldMe below) TheInfoMine, which I just blogged about, has been advertising on SheToldMe with Project Wonderful. Project Wonderful distinguishes themselves from google Adsense with an unusual model  that completely […]

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What Kind of Traffic Are You Going After?

We all want traffic right, but did you know there is profitable traffic and low value traffic? Let me introduce you. Miss Social Traffic (Facebook, Digg, Stumble, etc) happens to see an article title thrust in front of her.  Miss Social Traffic says “Hey I’ve always wondered How to Get to Sanibel Island“ and heads off […]

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Demand Studios, Constant Content, Xomba, and SheToldMe Reviews

Demand Studios Review I just wanted to highlight a good review of Demand Studios by Master Dayton.   Demand Studios is not a get rich quick deal but it is also not a scam.  From Master Dayton’s review and other things I’ve read Demand Studios has some merit as a site to write for if […]

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Do you enjoy chasing around Yahoo Answers?  Well WebAnswers has a similar feel but at WebAnswers you can actually get paid for answering people’s questions.  Some questions are simple facts that can be looked up in seconds (makes you wonder why they ask) and others are looking for opinions (I’m full of opinions are you?). […]

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How to Use

When I first saw people talking about I was not interested. I figured they were just trying to get me to sign up so they could profit somehow (but I didn’t know how since it looked like I got all the revenue). Eventually I went and figured out and now I’m actually a […]

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