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Can You Make a Living Online? 10 Steps

Many people ask “Can I make a living online?” The answer is… it depends. I know, not what you want to hear, but read on. Making a living online requires a few keys: 1. Making a living online is some combination of running your own business and freelancing. You need to understand some basic business […]

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Lifestyle Design the Passive Income Way

The passive income niche has some great bloggers that are so willing to share ideas.  I just want to highlight several of the blogs I personally follow in no particular order: John at Passive Family puts out some thought provoking content.  As an example, here is an excellent post on using Web 2.0 tools […]

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Should You Work 9 to 5 For Someone Else or For Yourself Online?

I’m a big fan of Pat Flynn of He is one of my main inspirations to keep building an online business. Pat just released an interesting video that should make you think. I will withhold comment on Pat’s choice of attire, but in the video presentation Pat only touches on some of the options […]

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Retire Young: A 12 Month Quest

We all love a good story. Why? It connects us to other people and to shared human experiences. Stories are also great for learning. 2000 years ago Christ used stories called parables to teach the people important lessons. Today, television is popular because from sitcoms to dramas and from “reality” TV to the news it […]

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