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Xomba Changes

Writing site Xomba is in the process of reinventing itself which begs the question “Is Xomba still useful?” What are the Changes at Xomba? They no longer permit bookmarking to your own blog They no longer want the site used to bookmark your content on other writing sites No affiliate links or advertisements – including […]

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Revenue Sharing Sites – By the Click or By the View?

There are two basic ways that Web 2.0 revenue sharing sites work: 1. Directly sharing Google Adsense / Chitika / Amazon revenue 2. Indirectly paying out revenue share based on views or some version of views For direct Adsense sharing sites like Xomba and Infobarrel shine. You get the power of the big site and […]

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Save Time on Reno Projects

Recently I’ve been focusing more on my first love for generating passive income – real estate. Anyone that understands real estate knows that reno jobs are often a key way to add value to property and increase the rent that can be charged. Doing a reno is definitely not passive, but the newly finished property […]

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Four Ways to Make Money Online (plus a bonus idea)

The passive income oriented person looks beyond holding a job and focuses on building multiple streams of income that cannot be taken away from them. Some income streams will be active and immediate while others need to be long term passive to even out the rough spots. If you are an effective writer, there are […]

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Xomba Style Guide

Xomba just released the first installment of Xomba University.  It is a style guide that, if followed, will make you a much better web writer.  The style guide is written in a concise user friendly style.  Here is a small sample: General  tips to help improve your writing. ·         Avoid use of exclamation points. They […]

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5 Work at Home Jobs You Can Start Today

If you are having trouble finding a job and possibly living off payday loans on the web due to the bad unemployment situation, here are 5 work at home jobs you can start right now.  No application process, interviews, or waiting.  Best of all these are all completely free to start you don’t even need business […]

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Online Content Strategy After eHow

I just had to share this letter with everyone because it raises some interesting questions and well, it warms my heart because my main goal for this blog is to develop a community of readers that can help each other and learn together with me. Jade, Things have sure been hopping on eHow lately, and […]

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Xomba – Direct From the CEO

See this update on Changes at Xomba Feb 2010 I am extra pleased that Nick Veneris, the CEO and owner of Xomba agreed to do an interview for Innovative Passive Income.  Xomba is a hybrid site that allows authors (or anyone) to post articles and bookmarks they want to share.  The site is great for […]

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Reuse eHow Articles

A question from an eHow refugee on the Constant Content forum lead to this quick blog post. The question was basically can you submit eHow articles to Constant Content? As both an eHower and a Constant Content author I do not recommend moving articles from eHow over to Constant Content in eHow format.  The eHow […]

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Should I Write For Demand Studios?

Tons of former eHow writers are asking this question.  I’ll disclose that I am in and approved as a Demand Studios writer.  I’ve looked around and posted to the DS Forums.   I don’t currently have access to the Create a Title tool at Demand Studios but I hope to have that corrected soon.  I […]

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What Do I Do With Deleted eHow Articles?

Since the news of the eHow shutdown two days ago (in terms of new content via the site anyway) and than an aggressive sweep where many articles are being deleted, many eHow writers are feeling lost. Some are trying out Demand Studios. Some writers are looking for homes for their recently swept articles. Other writers […]

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This is a guest post by Nolan webmaster of so I’ll turn it over to Nolan. “Thanks JadeDragon for the opportunity to write a guest post. I have been a long time writer for some of  the more popular How-To sites, as well as the major Google Adsense revenue sharing sites such as Xomba […]

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What Kind of Traffic Are You Going After?

We all want traffic right, but did you know there is profitable traffic and low value traffic? Let me introduce you. Miss Social Traffic (Facebook, Digg, Stumble, etc) happens to see an article title thrust in front of her.  Miss Social Traffic says “Hey I’ve always wondered How to Get to Sanibel Island“ and heads off […]

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Demand Studios, Constant Content, Xomba, and SheToldMe Reviews

Demand Studios Review I just wanted to highlight a good review of Demand Studios by Master Dayton.   Demand Studios is not a get rich quick deal but it is also not a scam.  From Master Dayton’s review and other things I’ve read Demand Studios has some merit as a site to write for if […]

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Do you enjoy chasing around Yahoo Answers?  Well WebAnswers has a similar feel but at WebAnswers you can actually get paid for answering people’s questions.  Some questions are simple facts that can be looked up in seconds (makes you wonder why they ask) and others are looking for opinions (I’m full of opinions are you?). […]

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eHow Resources (and tips for other web writing)

Here is a round up of some great resources for writing more profitably for eHow or any other site where you are paid based on ad clicks: Great Advice from Diane Cass in this Thread about my last blog post on How to Write eHow Articles that Stink plus How to Choose Search Engine Keywords […]

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Suite101 Review – A Sweet Source of Passive Income?

Update: According to some reports Suite 101 is not responding to writers and may not be paying writers. Do your due diligence. How sweet is and does the site make sense as part of a residual income plan? The evidence suggests that, for a skilled writer, it can make some good sense. Suite101 has […]

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Looking around for alternatives to eHow brought me to This site is not what it seems at all. The best evidence I can gather is that has gone through several models.  At one time they paid writers in gift cards (presumably because you can buy gift cards at a discount off face and […]

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Alternatives to Ehow

I’ve  had several private messages asking about alternatives to eHow so I’m posting on this question.  I’ve been exploring other platforms to earn residual income from content writing, so stay tuned to  this blog as I intend to share what I’ve learned.  Here are two places to start. Constant Content I’ve written several posts about […]

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