Want to Improve Your Memory?

by JadeDragon

Part of building a successful business online is personal self improvement.  From learning new web design skills to improving your vocabulary, successful people are always striving to be even more successful.

One area that almost everyone can improve is their memory.  Our minds absorb absolutely everything we encounter day to day.  When you forget something and someone else reminds you, usually you say “I ya, now I remember.”  So actually remembering is not the problem at all.

The real problem is figuring out ways to bring that information back to top of mind when required = like on the final exam or when seeing someone for the second time and needing to recall their name.

Today I found a whole site specializing in ways to improve memory.  Silva has all kinds of articles and resources designed to help you find ways to improve your memory.  I’ve already forgotten most of the great ideas I read there today, so I plan to go back and study to improve my memory skills.  Hopefully you find the Silva site as useful as I did.

Don’t forget to keep improving yourself to be more successful.