WebAnswers.com an Adsense Sharing Opportunity

by JadeDragon

Do you enjoy chasing around Yahoo Answers?  Well WebAnswers has a similar feel but at WebAnswers you can actually get paid for answering people’s questions.  Some questions are simple facts that can be looked up in seconds (makes you wonder why they ask) and others are looking for opinions (I’m full of opinions are you?).

Here is how to set up WebAnswers for Passive Income

1.  Get an Adsense Account (if you don’t have one already)

2.  Sign up for an account at WebAnswers (free)

3.  Answer at least 10 questions or get 2 answers selected as Best Answer. (can be done in minutes)

4.  Go to Earn Extra Income and input your email address associated with your Adsense account plus part of your phone number and your Zip Code.

5.  Respond to the email the site sends you to authorize access.

6.  Google Adsense sends you an email to confirm the setup.  You will be able to see WebAnswers in your Adsense account shortly.  Look under the My Account -> Account Access tab when logged into Adsense.

Pluses and Minuses of WebAnswers

+ Very Easy to Use Site.  Good look and feel.  The colored blurbs are a nice touch.

+ Good Clear FAQs and Guides On Site.

+ Links – Once you establish authority you can selectively insert relevent links including to your own articles, blog etc.

+ No need to think of topics to write about, just answer questions well

+ Paid through Google Adsense.  Aggregated earnings from other Adsense projects and sites

+ Available anywhere Google will pay people (India, Philippines, Indonesia etc.)

+ WebAnswers rewards quality answers and positive site participation in multiple ways including giving you more ads to earn off.

+ Currently you can also earn on Adsense by Asking Questions.  Some people are asking a lot of questions so they must think it is worth it.

Neutral:  New users start at 60% share of Adsense Revenue.  Better percentage than some but not as good as other sites like Infobarrel.  It looks like you can earn increased impressions by building authority and being active. Also referring visitors and members earns extra Adsense impressions.

+  You earn full Adsense share by getting Best Answer “awarded” to you.  You share Adsense on questions you and others answer and you could get share on pages anywhere on the site if you are active or when you refer visitors.

+ Revenue sharing used to only last for 1 year but now it lasts forever.

+ There is now a referral program.  You earn extra Adsense impressions for referring visitors and you earn 10% of the Adsense out of the Webanswer side of the impressions for every user you refer over to WebAnswers.  There is a place in your profile where you can see how many extra impressions you got from referrals.

Neutral:  The site reports that top users make “well over $500 a month” from WebAnswers.  Not enough to quit your American day job over but a decent side income for Americans and a very good income in some countries.

– While the formula for Adsense Sharing on pages awarded to you is clear, the way they give you extra ad placements and possibly increase your adsense share is secret and based on some sort of quality score. I imagine this is secret to prevent people gaming the system.   They do have a very clear explanation of what they consider quality input to be.

+Once you have some awarded answers you can track the number of views and links under the Make More Money Tab that will appear.

+ Webanswers is based in Colorado USA and there is a contact form, email and fax number for them posted on the site.   There is also a support forum.

My Tips for WebAnswers Success

  • As in any Adsense based web writing, there are good and poor keywords and topics.  I suggest focusing on higher value topics like finance and staying away from lower value topics.
  • Rephrase the question into something a user might naturally type into Google and include some terms that people would likely search for to increase the traffic the question page gets.
  • Since you need to be awarded the best answer to maximize your earnings, put some thought into your response.  Stick to questions you can answer well.
  • Posting bogus answers or useless comments will not help you earn at WebAnswers, in fact it will hurt you.  Save this fun for Yahoo Answers where there is no money to be made.
  • Recent questions from active users are more likely to be awarded a best answer.
  • Sometimes you can read other’s answers and then write a better one building on their work.  On the other hand you might be selected as best answer easier if you are the only person to answer.’
  • Read the tips the WebAnswers site provides.
  • Check the tools under My Account.  Lots of useful information there especially as you develop some track record at the site.

Are you already using WebAnswers.com?  I’d love to have your feedback in the comments.

For another good Adsense Sharing site consider is Infobarrel