WordPress Training Course

by JadeDragon

I rarely recommend courses and training products on Innovative Passive Income. Most of the courses and ebooks I’ve looked at are just not worth the money. The information is readily available for free on the net.  However, I’m making an exception today because I found a course that teaches some of the most important skills you can learn to make money online – how to use WordPress.

WordPress Academy is launching a complete WordPress training course called the WordPress Learning Management System.  The course covers everything from initial install to how to become a paid WordPress developer.

Does the course offer anything new?  Absolutely not.  Everything you need to know about this open source content management system is available on the internet.  What the WordPress Learning Management System offers is all the important information organized in a logical, progressive format.  You don’t need to guess what you need to know, or search for how to do something without knowing what that “thing” is called. Just follow the course step by step, using your own (maybe new) WordPress site.  This course will save you a TON of time and effort figuring out WordPress on your own.

The program combines video and written material and is set up in modules so you can work at any pace you like.

Checkout the sales page for the WordPress LMS for more details.